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Mixtape: Hardcore / Punk

“Better, louder, faster”: un excursus ad alta velocità nel più famoso sottogenere del punk, a partire dalle origini negli Stati Uniti degli anni ’80 fino a sfiorare Europa, Italia e a toccare le evoluzioni successive come il post-hardcore.

Dai Black Flag agli Hüsker Dü, dai Fugazi agli Idles: lasciatevi violentare le orecchie. E accompagnate il ritmo del mixtape alla lettura della nostra Cover Story Hardcore.


Il mixtape è realizzato da Simone Fiorucci (AKA Spineless Laugh)

Selezione a cura di: Simone Fiorucci, Veronica Ganassi, Pier Iaquinta


1 Intro (better, louder, faster mix) by Spineless Laugh
2 Growing Concern by Agnostic Front
3 Panty Raid by Murphy’s Law
4 Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag
5 Lies by Cause For Alarm
6 Blacktop by Helmet
7 My Black Ass by Shellac
8 The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused
9 Welfare for the Rich by Nihilistics
10 La fine non è la fine by La Quiete
11 Hell to Pay by Converge
12 Perfect Teenhood by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
13 Data by Unwound
14 Skinhead Youth by Warzone
15 Pass the Ammo by Whiskey Rebels
16 Symmetry by Title Fight
17 Daddy’s Li’l Girl by Bikini Kill
18 Buried Beneath by Sievehead
19 Driver by Perfect Pussy
20 Give Respect by Sick Of It All
21 Faith in the City by Idles
22 Take a Stand by Youth Of Today
23 Qualcosa scompare by Negazione
24 Vietnam by Minutemen
25 In My Eyes by Minor Threat
26 This Party Sucks by Ludichrist
27 Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely by Hüsker Dü
28 Vixi by Fine Before You Came
29 Victory by No Means No
30 Give Me the Cure by Fugazi
31 Head to Wall by Quicksand

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